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REDEMPTION: Bible Prophecy Simplifed

A Study of HOPE...Newest Release from One Way Press! REDEMPTION: Bible Prophecy Simplified, A Study of HOPE .  The biblical prophets are batting 1000, and when God's great redemption is understood, Bible prophecy is neither complicated nor mysterious! Buy several copies, for personal study, for personal evangelism, and for study partners. This book is an excellent resource for personal or group studies.    Jocelyn Andersen, Senior Editor of One Way Press, is an eclectic Christian writer who writes about many subjects. To receive Jocelyn's updates and newsletters, subscribe  HERE . To receive an announcement from Amazon whenever a new book is released by Jocelyn Andersen, subscribe to  Her Amazon author's page . To contact Jocelyn: Use the contact form in the sidebar of her blog at to leave comments on her books, to reach her with questions, or to request for her to come and speak at your group meeting or event.