Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Brick and mortar churches were on lock-down, but home churches continued to meet.

  With one pastor arrested in Tampa, FL and a pastor in Baton Rouge, LA having a petition (signed by thousands!) demanding his arrest for continuing to hold church meetings, this pandemic has revealed how fragile religious freedom really is in the United States. 
   There will no doubt be lawsuits and court-cases going to Appellate Courts, State Supreme Courts, and beyond. But regardless, the landscape for American Christians and the free practice of our religion has changed...forever.
   But what else is new? 
   The early Church met in homes from the beginning, and because of religious persecution, were forced to make the choice to obey a higher mandate from a higher authority than that of earthly governments. 
   They began meeting in secret.  
   Many Christians around the globe still do so.
   The practice of the Christian faith includes "not forsaking" the gathering of ourselves together, "even the more so as you see the day approaching." That means Christians must find ways of gathering together most especially in troubled times
   Many Believers apply this scriptural admonition by holding home meetings, which may not fit the mold for traditional brick and mortar church organizations, but align perfectly with Jesus' model when he said "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am also."
   Currently, a gathering of two or three is legal. Isn't it time for God's people (not just pastors) to start thinking out-of-the-box, and begin applying the unfiltered Word of God to the practice of our faith? 

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Home-Church Solution to Big Government

Practice of the Christian faith has been legally under attack for some time now, but the corona-virus pandemic has increased visibility of those like Virginia Governor Northam, who actively seek to undermine the religious freedom of  American Christians.
   Readers are encouraged to do their own research. The Southern Poverty Law Center Extremist Files are a good place to start. Several Christian groups are listed there, and it is our opinion that at least two conservative/Christian groups [possibly more] on the list are slanderously libeled as extremist [hate] groups, when they are not.   
   Is it time for mainstream church leaders and pastors to start taking the idea of home church groups more seriously? Is it time to mentor home-group leaders and encourage congregations to start forming small groups to meet in homes? 
   Is it time for  Christians who are benched at their churches due to religious bureaucracy [but are called and qualified to lead] to step up, step out, and begin holding home-meetings on their own?
   OneWayPress and HungryHeartsMinistries.faith are here to support those who step out in faith [to walk in the gifts and callings of God] with both print and online resources for study and leadership.
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