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When the Internet Goes Down...What Then?

  Is t he arrest and prosecution of pastors and church leaders in this present crisis a wake-up call to believers to start getting our books and study/discipleship materials in tangible print form—a form that can be used, re-used, distributed, and cannot be banned or otherwise disappeared from online digital services?    Consider this,, the world’s largest distributor of digital and print books has been suppressing search results for Christian books for some time now. They have created advertising rules that make it more difficult (thankfully not impossible yet) for Christian [non-fiction] book sellers to place ads on their site.      How long before such suppression becomes even more blatant and widespread?       Is it time to begin weening ourselves from dependence on digital resources that could disappear from the internet overnight? One Way Press is a publisher committed to winning souls and making disciples. And to that end, is committed to providing bo