One Way Press (OWP) is a traditional publisher founded in 2007 to publish non-fiction literature and books . We are a debt-free company that has enjoyed over a decade of credibility, as we have gained experience in the never-ending world of learning that is the publishing industry. 

   Testimonial from author, Shirley Taylor: "I didn't know that I could write a book, but Jocelyn Andersen of One Way Press believed I could.
   She looked at my booklet and encouraged me to expand my thoughts into a full-sized book. She secured an editor, and together we all edited the work quite a bit, because I had no idea how a professional writer would express their thoughts so others would read them and take those thoughts seriously.
   She chose a style and a cover. When I first saw the cover she had chosen for my book, I couldn't stop laughing [for joy]. I still love the cover as much as I ever did. It was perfect for the book.
   It is not easy writing a book, and it is not easy having someone critique your choice of words. But she did it all in a loving and professional way, which made the book a serious work to be taken seriously.
   I am grateful for the time she spent, for her expertise, and the ease in dealing with One Way Press."