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Submissions: Non-Fiction Topics & Writer's Guidelines

What is your passion? What is your message?
One Way Press is accepting queries for non-fiction manuscripts on a variety of topics. We are not limiting topics. Each manuscript will be evaluated on an individual basis. 

Topics include but are not limited to:
  1. Christianity & Politics
  2. Culture
  3. Current Events
  4. Domestic Violence Awareness
  5. End Times News
  6. Environmental News
  7. Finances
  8. Human Interest
  9. Human Trafficking
  10. Politics
  11. Regional News
  12. Religion & Politics
 We work with agented and un-agented authors

Email queries to:
  • Queries should be no longer than 1000 words.
  • Send query in body of email. Attachments will not be opened.
  • Subject line of email should read: Query | Your Name | Category (e.g.: Religion, Politics, Culture, Society, Science, Women, Family, Marriage, Divorce, etc..)
  • If we request a book proposal (and we hope we do!) we will email instructions on how to submit.

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